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Northwest Transfer Equivalency System


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Information The information available in this system is based on the courses previously transferred from other institutions. While this is a useful tool, this is neither an exhaustive list, nor does it guarantee how a course is transferred. A transcript evaluation is necessary to determine transferable credit.

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Help Are you looking for a class to take back home over the summer?Use the search options below to search for equivalencies to Northwest courses.

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Please call Transfer Services at 660-562-1804 if you have questions about how a course will transfer to Northwest.

Transfer credits do not always have equivalents at Northwest but many satisfy general education requirements or departmental requirements. The following 900-series course numbers are used if transfer courses meet general requirements, but are not a direct equivalent, or transfer as electives only:

  • 901 English 111 Requirement
  • 902 English 112 Requirement
  • 903 Speech Communication Requirement
  • 904 American Government Requirement (with Missouri Politics)
  • 924 American Government Requirement (without Missouri Politics)
  • 905 American History Requirement
  • 906 Social Science Requirement
  • 907 Behavioral Sciences Requirement
  • 908 Literature Requirement
  • 909 Western Experiences Equivalent

  • 910 Fine Arts Requirement
  • 911 Science Requirement
  • 912 Mathematics Requirement
  • 915 Digital Literacy Requirement
  • 918 Science Lab Requirement
  • 919 Anthropology Equivalent
  • 920 Lower Division Elective
  • 922 Intermediate Algebra Equivalent
  • 990 Upper Division Elective
  • 988 Bachelor of Technology (BT) credit only

Aside from a possible waiver of general education requirements through either an Associate of Arts degree or completing a 42 semester hour general education block, transfer credit will be evaluated on the same criteria established for native students as set forth in the academic policies section of the Northwest catalog.

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